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Kawasaki KX 65 -22

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Tavaramerkki: Kawasaki
SKU: KAW-22-KX65
37.400,00 kr

Mini cross från Kawasaki ned 65 kubiks 2-takt motor.
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Motortyp: Vätskekyld, 2-takts enkel
Slagvolym: 64 cm³
Borrning x slaglängd: 44.5 x 41.6 mm
Kompressionsförhållande: 8.4:1
Ventilsystem: Reedventil för kolv
Bränslesystem: Förgasare: Mikuni VM24SS
Tändsystem: Digital CDI
Startsystem: Kick
Smörjning: Bensinblandning
Växellåda: 6-växlad
Ram & Dimensioner
Ramtyp: Dubbelrörs, höghållfasthetsstål
Försprång: 60 mm
Fjädringsväg fram: 210 mm
Fjädringsväg bak: 240 mm
Däck, fram: 60/100-14 30M
Däck, bak: 80/100-12 41M
Styrvinkel V/H: 40° / 40°
L x B x H: 1,590 x 760 x 955 mm
Hjulbas: 1,120 mm
Markfrigång: 305 mm
Bränslevolym: 3.8 liter
Sitthöjd: 760 mm
Tjänstevikt: 60 kg

When you have completed your order on the website, we will start your delivery as soon as possible. All Kawasaki motocross bikes are delivered ready to start and we have checked the engine oil and started the machine. The smaller machines can sometimes be sent in their original packaging, not unpacked. (What you need to do is oil the air filter, it is very sparingly added with oil on it from the factory).

Instruction manuals included.

Warranties on cross or toy vehicles
There are no extended warranties on motocross, enduro bikes or play vehicles from the manufacturer. On the other hand, the Consumer Purchase Act obviously applies when it comes to the right to complain about possible manufacturing defects.

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